[matplotlib 3D] 14. Rotation animation of matplotlib 3D graph

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Rotation animation of 3D graph


Since this version does not work well on jupyter notebook, I rewrite it using by FuncAnimation.

Code (using FuncAnimation)


Test data was loaded.

This is the setting of the animation graph to display first.

This is a setting of animation, setting to change viewpoint.

elev is an abbreviation for Elevation viewing angle, setting the height of the viewpoint. (default = 30).

azim is an abbreviation for Azimuthal viewing angle, setting the azimuth angle. (default = -60).

fig is a figure object that displays animation.

animate is a function related to animation, which is set to rotate horizontally by 3.6 °.

init_func is the setting of fig initialization.

frame is the number of frames of the entire animation.

interval is the display interval, interval is 100 [ms] and frames is 100, it is animation of 10 [s].

If blit is set to True, animation will be optimized and it will not be stiff.

Output ani as HTML5 video.

When blit = False

Although image quality improves, the file is heavy. (1.1 M)

Hide axis and grid

The grid disappears with grid (False), the axis disappears with set_axis_off ().


Matplotlib > view_init(elev=None, azim=None)のデフォルト値 > elev = 30, azim = -60 - Qiita
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